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W2 provides modern, handcrafted products and design-build services for clients who want unique, functional structures and architectural details to add utility and beauty to their homes, both inside and out.

With 22 years of construction experience and using unusual materials of the highest quality, we create workable, functional objects of art and beauty. The designs are created with a sense of adventure and freedom, typical of the character, history and ruggedness of West Texas.

Our products and designs reflect the values and durability of the working class of Presidio Texas and the creative and artistic class of Marfa Texas. We use materials such as stone, steel, wood, glass and concrete that wield to a desired shape and function tocreate interesting products with textures that are clean, uncluttered and are improved with exposure to the elements.


Robert Keith has been designing and building spaces, places and pieces for over 22 years. His natural creative talent was evident from his days in high school spent designing and building unique barns, studios, fences, studios, fire pits and unusual outdoor decorative items. His works have since evolved into functional art that draw people in and create inviting gathering spaces to linger. He has a gift for visualizing what others can't see and creating practical and alluring areas inside and out.

Robert loves wide open spaces, natural habitat and unique materials, all of which inspire his minimalist clean modern designs. After spending time in magical West Texas several years ago, he, like famed modern artist Donald Judd, became "affected by the clean empty desert and a strong attachment to the land." And, like Judd, he prefers to describe his own work as "the simple expression of complex thought." Robert uses industrial materials to create abstract works that emphasize the purity of form, space and materials.

Robert has extensive construction experience in commercial, industrial, and high end custom home construction projects of large scale. His work has earned an HBAGA MAX award for custom home design.

Robert Keith - Founder of W2
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