Shafter Planters

Inspired by the old silver mining town in Presidio County, Texas, these tall and versatile towers will showcase your plant with striking detail.

The hot rolled steel is unsealed to evolve with exposure to the elements. Outdoors, it will gradually rust over time into a dark brown patina. Patterns of colors are unique to each piece and will vary according to the particular climate where the planters are installed. Click here for an example. This process may result in staining the surfaces under the planter. Customized protective mat available.

Made of steel (14 gauge and 1/8 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 angle iron) and optional Brazilian hardwood (Ipe) top. Click here for an example.

Custom sizes available.

Product Quantity Price
1' 6" Small Shafter Planter, 24lbs.
1' 6" Small Shafter Planter w/ Ipe wood top, 24lbs.
2’ Medium Shafter Planter, 41lbs.
2’ Medium Shafter Planter w/ Ipe wood top, 41lbs.
2’ 6” Large Shafter Planter, 52lbs.
2’ 6” Large Shafter Planter w/ Ipe wood top, 52lbs.
3’ X-Large Shafter Planter, 78lbs.
3’ X-Large Shafter Planter w/ Ipe wood top, 78lbs.
Casters (wheels w/ hardware)
Customized Protective Mat

Please email [email protected] or call 512.736.2143 to order.


W2 Shafter Planter Measurements

Shafter Planters

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